Sunday, October 28, 2018

Ready to Try Dancing with Dogs

What Is Canine Freestyle?

Canine freestyle or dancing with dogs is a terrific way to develop a strong, loving relationship with your dog.  You can design personalized dance routines to your favorite music, and take to the dance floor with your dog.

K9 freestyle is a dog sport for pet owners who love their dogs and want to spend time forming a bonding relationship with them, while having fun at the same time.  
K9 Freestyle is a personally designed routine that combines dancing with your dog, using tricks and obedience training set to music.  As your progress through your dance routine, you’ll form a bond between you and your dog, becoming an inseparable team.  
The trick training and synchronized dance routine physically and mentally stimulates your dog, which is great for his cognitive function.

Is K9 Freestyle Physically Demanding?

You create dance routines to suit your physical abilities, so you can make it simple or demanding.  Anyone can participate in dog dancing.  Men, women, young, and old enjoy this dog sport.  The dance routine is set to whatever music you enjoy.  It can be soft, slow, loud, boogie-woogie, or rap.  You decide what music is best suited for your dance team.

Is Dance Experience Required?

No dance experience is required to have fun dancing with your dog.  It’s up to you to decide the dance steps and tricks your team performs.  The dance moves can be as basic or advanced as you want.  Even basic tricks make wonderful freestyle routines.

What Should Your Dog Know before Beginning K9 Freestyle?

The only thing your dog should know before starting canine dancing is basic obedience commands.  It’s always a good idea to attend a basic obedience class before starting any other dog sport, whether it is rally, performance obedience, agility, or freestyle.  Your dog should know basic commands, such as sit, down, come, stay. He should also be friendly around people, and other dogs because freestyle is performed off leash.

How Much Time Should You Spend Training for K9 Freestyle?

It’s up to you  how much time you spend training tricks for canine dancing.  Most dogs learn quickly with just five minutes of training, a few times a day rather than long training sessions.  You teach freestyle using positive reinforcement, not punishment.  This makes the training fun for both of you, making progress easier.

Do K9 Freestyle Competitions Require only Purebred Dogs?

No.  What is great about canine freestyle is that all dogs can participate.  Mixed breeds, purebreds, young, and old dogs have fun competing in freestyle.  National freestyle organizations present titles to all dogs who present winning dance routines.

Canine Freestyle is an enjoyable dog sport for people and dogs of all ages.  Put on your dancing shoes and start dancing with your dog.  You’ll be surprised at the bond you form with your dog and the fun the two of you will have together. 

See an amazing example of this incredible dog dancing routine with Carolyn Scott and Rookie.


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