Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Canine Good Citizen Award Requirements

Courtesy of Jon Hurd/Laertes: Flick

Ten Tests to Earn the AKC Good Citizen Certificate

Are you training your dog for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test?  

Start working on each test with your dog for five minutes, two or three times per day and your pet should pass without a problem.  Good luck!

About the AKC Canine Good Citizen Program 

The American Kennel Club offers a Canine Good Citizen test that certifies all dogs as reliable pets and respected community members. Dogs must pass ten tests to be awarded the Canine Good Citizen certificate.

According to the AKC, once dogs pass the ten Canine Good Citizen tests, they are certified as "reliable family members, as well as community members in good standing." The reasoning behind the Canine Good Citizen Test is to train dogs that are welcomed in the community, in homes, in public places, and are friendly with other dogs. Purebreds and mixed breed dogs are eligible to receive The Canine Good Citizen Award.

Training for the Canine Good Citizen test helps dog owners work with their pet, bonding and having fun at the same time. All dogs benefit from learning the ten tests for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Award.

Ten Canine Good Citizen Tests
Accept a Friendly Stranger
This test requires the dog to let a stranger come near and speak to the dog's owner in a friendly way. A friendly stranger should be able to speak to the dog's owner while the dog remains calm at its owners side.

2 Sit Politely While Being Petted
This test requires the dog to let a friendly stranger to approach and pet the dog while it is with its owner. The dog should remain calm, without jumping or nipping at the friendly stranger.

3 Handling and Grooming
This test requires dogs to remain calm while being groomed or handled by a veterinarian, groomer, or friends. This practical test also shows that the dog's owner is responsible and aware that the dog should behave at the groomer and vet's office.

4 Loose Leash Walking
Loose leash walking tests the dog owner's control over their pet. The owner can walk the dog on either the left or the right side. While walking, the dog must keep the leash loose without tugging or pulling the owner, even with distractions.

5 Calmly Walking Through a Crowd
This test requires the dog to walk calmly through a crowd of people. Many dogs find crowds intimidating and distracting and often react either aggressively or overly excited. A dog that can walk calmly through a crowd is well trained and welcomed in public places.

6 Sit and Stay
The Sit and Stay test requires dogs to sit in an area the owner tells them and stay there until the owner returns and takes them out of the stay. The dog can be in either sit or lay down for this test.

7 Reliable Recall
Dogs must demonstrate that they will reliably come when the owner calls them.

8 Calm Reaction to Other Dogs
For this test, dog owners walk their dogs close to other dogs and the pets must act politely with the other dogs and remain by their owner's side. No sniffing, lunging, barking or other reactive behavior is allowed.

9 Distractions
This test presents distracting situations to the dogs, for instance a person in a wheelchair rides past, someone on crutches walks by, or a vacuum cleaner is pushed past the dogs. Tested dogs must exhibit confidence and calm behavior in all distracting situations, showing no fear, excitement, or aggression.

10 Separation from Owner
The dog must demonstrate that it can be left with a trusted person while the dog's owner is out of sight. Usually, the owner gives the dog to someone else and leaves the room. The dog must remain with the other person and demonstrate good manners until the owner returns.

American Kennel Club
Canine Good Citizen Dept.
P.O. Box 37914
Raleigh, NC 27627-7914
(919) 816-3532

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Little Lion Dog: The Lowchen

Lowchen: Little Lion Dog
Have you ever heard of the Lowchen dog breed?  The Lowchen is one of the most unusual dog breeds, yet it is a dog your family would love.  The Lowchen is a small, friendly dog that looks like a lion when it is groomed with the traditional lion cut.

The Guinness World Book of Records named the Lowchen as the rarest dog breeds in the 1960's but since that time the Little Lion Dog is making a comeback.  The Lowchen weighs only 18 pounds and stands around 12 inches tall.  This dog is great with kids and has a friendly, positive attitude.

Read more about the Lowchen: Little Lion Dog.  The Lowchen could be the dog your family is looking for.