Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Convenience of Pet Strollers

I recently saw an episode of "The Dog Whisperer" with Cesar Millan. He was trying to improve the relationship between a dog and a cat in the same household. One of the solutions he suggested was to bring the cat for walks with the dog, using a cat stroller for the cat.

I have to admit that I had never heard of a cat stroller before. It seemed like a pretty good idea. The cat seemed to enjoy it and it supposedly, made the dog see the cat as part of his pack. In the end, the dog and cat walked together everyday, becoming the best of friends.

After I saw the episode, I decided to do some research on pet strollers. I found they are manufactured not only for cats, but for dogs, as well. They are even available in double decker models for a family with two cats, or a small dog and a cat. They also come with a model that connects to a bicycle.

Various sized pet strollers are available too. It doesn't matter the size or weight of your pet, there is a pet stroller for your dog or cat. There are super deluxe models and basic models to fit any budget. Some pet strollers are open like a pet carrier, while others have panels that close in case it rains. Most pet strollers also come with a sun awning to help stay cool in hot weather and have a pad to stay warm in the winter. They also come in all terrain models for easier hiking or walking on gravel pathways.

The pet strollers are a great idea if you like to go for long walks and your small dog has trouble keeping up. This gets your pet out into the fresh air, and you still get your strenuous exercise. You can run with the heavier duty models without a problem. I was surprised how much cats enjoy taking rides in the stroller. I thought they would be nervous around other people and traffic, but I guess they feel safe and secure inside the stroller.

Indoor cats also benefit from the pet stroller for obvious reasons. They get to go outside, but cannot get hurt or lost. It's a great break from the monotony of staying indoors.
So, even if you don't have a dog and cat that are trying to bond, like Cesar Millan's client, a pet stroller is still something to consider. It's convenient, folds up for storage and travel, letting you bring your pet wherever you go.


  1. You did a nice job of summarizing the pet strollers available on the market!

    My wife and I own a small site dedicated to pet strollers, so I thought I might add just a bit. You mentioned that cats in strollers might be a little freaked out by traffic and people out on the street. While that can happen, we've found cats get accustomed to strollers quite quickly. But, there are some things you can do to acclimate your pet to the stroller:

    - Leave a new stroller out in your home with the brakes locked so your cat can sniff and mark it.

    - Leave the stroller open and near a window. We've found some cats likie to leap into their stroller and use it for a bed or perch.

    - Place some treats inside an unattended stroller, encouraging your cat to explore it. (And reward them the first couple of times you stroll with them.)

    - Take just one or two brief trips around your home before venturing outside, but after that be sure to only use it for outdoors excursion. You want your pet to associate the stroller with the excitement of outdoors versus being confined indoors.

    - Plan your first trips during quiet times. Don't take your cat out during rush hour or around a lot of noise until after they're used to the stroller.

    We've gotten a lot of great feedback from customers with cats. If you would like to learn more, we have more info on cat strollers at and some tips for purchasing and using a pet stroller at


  2. Thanks for the great tips on how to get a cat used to a pet stroller. Good stuff!

  3. Happy to provide the info. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thanks for calling some attention to pet strollers!