Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Herbal Tea Offers Relief for Aging Dogs

I find myself steeping a hot cup of herbal tea to relax my nerves and warm my bones on cold, winter nights. I never thought about making a cup for my 15 year old beagle! Then I saw an advertisement for The Honest Kitchen’s new Herbal Tea for dogs. The Honest Kitchen makes holistic pet foods with human-grade ingredients.

This herbal tea for dogs is named Lithe and it is the first of its kind. Honest Kitchen’s tea recipe was developed to stimulate healthy bones and joint mobility in older dogs. The loose leaf tea is made by steeping in hot water just like you make your own herbal tea. The dog tea can be served at room temp or warm. It is also ideal for moistening dry dog food, especially if your dog has trouble chewing crunchy food.

The herbal tea for dogs is blended with anti-inflammatory ingredients that also promote a healthy circulatory system. These ingredients include:

*White willow bark
*Red clover

The cost for Lithe tea for dogs is $16 for 6 ounces and can be ordered online at The Honest Kitchen. I haven’t tried the tea yet but I’m planning on buying 6 oz. for my old beagle. He has trouble walking up and down the stairs now and is really lame when first waking up from a nap. Hopefully, the tea will alleviate his joint pain during the cold, winter months.

Next time you make yourself a cup of tea, include your dog as well.

Resource: Pet Gazette, Dec. 2009

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