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Wellness Dog Food Review: Which Wellness Dog Food Is Right for Your Dog?

Wellness is a quality dog food containing natural, nutritious ingredients. Wellness is dedicated to providing pets with optimum nutrition in its simple solution products and core dog food diet. In a 2010 press release outlining Wellness dog food reviews, Dr. Shelly Rubin, the veterinarian used by Oprah for her own dogs, emphasized Wellness dog food as a nutritious pet food that is produced with “quality protein sources, wholesome grains, fruits and vegetables, and carefully chosen Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, with no wheat, corn or soy, and no added artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.”

Wellness Dog Food Company History
The Wellness dog food company was established over 80 years ago with the production of Old Mother Hubbard dog biscuits. Old Mother Hubbard began operations in Gloucester, MA baking sea biscuits for local sailors. After a seaman fed a dog one of the biscuits, the company began producing dog biscuits. Animal nutritionist, Jim Scott purchased the company in 1961, relocated it to Lowell, MA and dedicated the company to producing nutritious dog and cat foods under the trade name, Wellness.
Wellness Dog Food Products
Wellness dog food is available in a variety of products for every stage of your dog’s life, activity levels, dog size, health conditions, and preference for dry or canned dog food. Wellness dog snacks are also included in the product line.

Super 5 Mix – This Wellness dog food diet contains a balance of meat, grains and fruits providing necessary protein, carbs, and fat to your dog’s diet. Probiotics for digestive health, omega 6 and omega 3 are also added to the dog food. Wellness Super 5 Mix is available in these assorted varieties:
  • Chicken
  • Lamb, barley and salmon
  • Whitefish and sweet potato
  • Healthy weight for overweight dogs
  • Just for puppy
  • Seniors
  • Large breed
  • Large breed puppy
  • Small breed
Wellness Core - The grain free product line that focuses on nutritious protein, and reducing fats and excessive carbohydrates. The core diet includes antioxidants, omega 6, and omega 3. It is considered an alternative to the “raw meat” diet, following the natural diet of wolves in the wild.
Wellness Core is available in the following varieties:
  • Original recipe
  • Ocean recipe
  • Reduced fat
  • Salmon, whitefish and herring
  • Turkey, chicken, liver and turkey liver
Simple Food Solutions – This dog diet incorporates five ingredients that reduce allergic reactions in dogs including intestinal upset, infections, fur loss, itchiness, and skin problems caused by dog food additives. It is a complete, nutritious dog food diet for daily eating.
Wellness Simple Food Solutions in a variety of flavors:
  • Rice and duck formula
  • Rice and lamb formula
  • Rice and salmon formula
Wellness Snacks – Quality dog snacks are also available from Wellness. The snacks are ideal as training treats for both adult dogs and puppies. All Wellness treats contain healthy ingredients and are available in grain free, soft or crunchy treats, and puppy formula.
Wellness dog food is available at most pet supply stores. The average cost of a 10 lb. bag of Wellness dry dog food is $27 to $30 and Wellness canned food averages $2.50 per can.

Although this dog food is expensive, Wellness dog food reviews indicate that the entire product line is produced with all natural, human grade ingredients, offering high quality nutrition for all dog breeds. If your dog suffers from allergies or you are looking for a balanced, nutritious dog food for your pet, Wellness dog food is an excellent choice.
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