Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Teach Your Dog How to Visit

Now is the time to get out the clicker and teach your dog a new trick! It's National Train Your Dog Month, which is the perfect time to think about your pet.

When was the last time you taught your dog a trick? It doesn't have to be a tough one, just something to help you bond with your dog, spend some time together and enjoy each other's company.

Right now, I'm trying to teach my dog how to put his head in my lap and "Visit." He's getting the idea, as long as there's a treat waiting for him!

Teaching Your Dog "Visit"

Have your dog sit next to you and then hold a treat on the other side of your leg, so your dog has to reach over your thigh and get it. As soon as he touches your leg with his chin, click and treat. Do this a few times until your dog gets the idea.

When he is putting his head on your thigh regularly, add the word, "Visit". Soon, your dog will be putting his head on your lap whenever you say the cue word. It's a really cute trick, especially when company comes over and your dog "visits" them.

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