Monday, March 31, 2014

It’s Tick Time: Do You Have Your Frontline?

Well, it’s official. I saw my first tick of the season this morning, even with the rain/snow mix pelting down on me. If you stopped applying Frontline Plus to your dog or cat over the winter months, as I did, it’s now time to start up again.

Even though it’s not mosquito season yet, those nasty ticks are up and about, ready to grab onto your dog’s coat (yours too, unfortunately!). Frontline will kill ticks within 24 hours and kills fleas and flea larvae, as well. The ticks may be the first to make an appearance but fleas are not far behind.

If you do find a tick imbedded in your dog or cat's skin, here are instructions on how to remove a tick safely.

Stock up on your Frontline today and start applying it to your dog or cat every month to keep him flea and tick free. I usually buy a multiple pack because it’s more economical. Some vet offices will sell individual applications for you to use each month. If you can’t get to the vet that often or you think you might forget, it might be a better idea to buy at least a 3-pack of Frontline Plus.

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